Creating a user account for your schools App starts with downloading it onto your mobile device. Once the App is installed the sign up process is quick and easy.


To sign up you first need to have downloaded the App to your mobile device. You can find assistance with that process here.

Step 1: 

On the Homescreen of the app you will see a large button that says "Sign Up Now"

Clicking this button will begin the signup process.


Step 2:

Your first option is if you want to sign up with facebook or not. If you select "Yes" the App will read some of your details as entered into your facebook account and complete these fields for you to speed up the process of creating your account.

Selecting "No" will open a blank account Information page for your completion.

Step 3:

Select the appropriate user type from the drop down menu. This is used to make sure you receive the right communications from the school. It cannot be changed or updated once your sign up is completed

Step 4:

Your email address can only be used once so if you or your partner have already registered an account it cannot be used again. If you email address is already in the system you will be prompted to enter a different email address.

Step 5:

Your username must be unique so if someone has already chosen the name you enter then you will be prompted to enter a new one.

Usernames cannot contain blank space or any of the following six characters: ( ) ; < > "

Step 6:

Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters and must include at least 1 number, 1 uppercase letter and 1 lowercase letter.

Step 7:

Click on the "Next" button to enter your personal information and complete the sign up process

Step 8: 

Complete the personal information fields as required. 

Note: Not all fields are mandatory. You are able to leave blank any field that is not marked with an asterix " *

You can use the "Next" button on your keyboard to move your way through the fields.

Your personal details are not visible to other users, only the administrator of your school.

Step 9: 

You need to click on the empty tickbox to confirm you have read and agree to our terms and conditions. These are avilable for your review from the link to the right of the tickbox or can be read in advance on our corporate website.

Step 10: 

Clicking on Submit will complete the application process and an email will be sent to the email address you supplied. Within this email is an activation link which will complete your registration process. 

The Activation link is only valid for 24hrs and should only take a short time to arrive. If it is not in your inbox please check your Junk or Spam folders before contacting your school's administrator for assistance.

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